St Paddy’s Day marks as good a day as any to enjoy a good brew. Beyond hanging with the mates and drinking like there’s no tomorrow, the fact is that there’s enough variety in the world of craft beer that beer lovers have nothing to envy to wine lovers. Beer Citizen is a free Android app to introduce you to the world of brewing, offering a social tool where you can view ratings for each product and even leave your own. A social network for beer guzzlers? God Bless the Irish!

The app lets you browse an enormous catalogue of beers where you can break down all their characteristics with a rating out of 100, and such is the level of depth that there are reviews of both bouquet and texture, appearance and different facets of the flavor. A real eye-opener for those who’ve never explored beyond the obligatory six-pack from their local 7-11.

beer citizen 2 Beer Citizen, an app for beer lovers

Each beer also has a detailed report of its development over time, reviews written by other users, and related products with similar ratings. The real appeal in having such a comprehensive database available lies in the fact that you can register with a user account and keep track of all the beers you’ve tried or want to try, among many other options.

beer citizen 1 Beer Citizen, an app for beer lovers

The app’s social component lets you use your device’s geolocation system to find nearby ‘drinkers’ or follow all the activity of your favorite beers and view new additions to the database. You can also add friends to accompany you on your journey toward becoming an intelligent drinker. But don’t forget: Leave the car at home tonight, boys and girls.



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