Bang with Friends is a Facebook application that allows you to literally decide which friends you want to have sex with without anyone else being able to see. Why? To send a private message to those friends who also think the same about you, and then let the laws of nature do their thing. The key to the application is anonymity, but, as always, Facebook privacy setting can put you at risk if you aren’t careful: A security flaw displays which friends use the application, but, luckily, not the affectionate ones.

bang with friends

Even though the link displays a list of your friends that are registered on Bang with Friends, it doesn’t reveal any other secrets. It could cause a problem for some that only gets worse if you use Graph Search, which allows you to filter your search by those who use the app that are ‘married,’ ‘engaged,’ or ‘in a relationship.’

However, this filter, whether for good or for bad, doesn’t affect everyone. When you click on the link, only your friends who have registered since last January appear. If you are one of these, act quickly, because you can still fix it.

The settings for Facebook apps can be modified if you go to Settings > Privacy Settings > Apps. Once there, all you have to do is look for Bang with Friends,, and select the option “Only Me” from the drop down menu.


In conclusion, even though you can change the privacy settings for this app so you don’t appear on the list of friends that use Bang with Friends, and the world hasn’t ended, nor your relationship, it could be that one of your friends has already seen you thanks to this filter, and you could end up being the target of jokes for weeks to come. Or, even worse, there could be that absent-minded friend who never finds out about this, and remains ‘trapped’ on the list forever.

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