Trying to keep up with what bands are playing in your town can genuinely get exhausting, what with all the checking out of Twitter, Instagram, city info pages, Facebook, entertainment guides, etc. This chaos is worsened when you find contradictory info about the exact place, date, and time for an event. But there is hope: Bandsintown offers a good alternative to discover upcoming gigs in your city.

Bandsintown conciertos

Bandsintown shows very simply and directly which gigs are happening in your selected area. But the app doesn’t stop there: it also lists all the gigs being played all over the place for a particular artist or band. You can also keep track of your favorite artists through the app so that this info appears in your very own timeline.

Browsing through the different gigs for a place is very intuitive thanks to the use of tabs. It’s categorized by the artists you follow, new events, or most popular within your set radius. Like most apps these days, Bandsintown also works as a kind of social network. Luckily the detractors of social media have nothing to fear here: the social bit is simply a complementary option that doesn’t put a knife to your throat if you don’t fancy using it. You can add friends and see what bands they like and what gigs they’re going to. That’s about it.


Bandsintown lets you discover new artists based on the ones you like. You can also connect your Facebook, Spotify, and accounts so it can detect your musical tastes and make new recommendations. This free app lets you list the gigs you want to go to, shows you who else wants to go, and lets you share everything on your other social networks. Also on some gig pages you can see if tickets are still available and get redirected through your browser to the ticket sales page.

We’ve gotta say that Bandsintown is really, really good. It makes an honest effort at doing what it aims to do and keeps you from having to check a million other pages to keep up with nearby gigs. But do keep in mind that it can’t work miracles. If your city has a crappy concert agenda, Bandsintown can’t do much about it. But it’s always useful to have on hand if you don’t mind traveling to see your favorite artists.

Bandsintown for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download
More info | Official Bandsintown site


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