You probably tend to consume a lot more advertising than usual via the banners that can take up more or less space depending on the webpage. Nevertheless, sometimes it gets intrusive with those annoying popups that hinder your browsing. To avoid such inconveniences there are tools to block all ads; below we offer a smattering.

Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is one of the most-preferred tools among users for getting rid of ads on both the web and Android, and can block any sort of intrusive ads that could damage your device or that simply open without your permission.

adblock plus

When you’re first configuring it, Adblock Plus itself will tell you the steps to follow and once you’ve finished setup the app will be automatically activated when you start browsing. You’ll know it’s working thanks to the icon that will appear in the upper part of the screen, although you can hide this from app’s panel.

This tool also improves site loading speed and browser security, removing all the banners that slow down your pages and getting rid of the malware in the popups that appear on occasion.

Javelin Browser

If what you want is to forget about installing add-ons or apps but still avoid ads and browse safe and fast, then you need a secure, quick, and ad-free browser.

Javelin Browser is an Android browser that will keep you from needing third-party apps to avoid ads, as it blocks all of them itself.

javelin browser

Javelin Browser is a browser like any other, except it has the added ability to extract content from the webpage so you’ll just see the content generated by the site itself, and not the ad banners.

Once you have only the text of the news or webpage you’re reading, you can zoom in or out on the font or change its color so you can read more easily, all of which make Javelin Browser a good tool for those users who simply want to browse with no speed or security problems.

AirPush Detector

If you don’t get there on time and your device has already been infected by some sort of malware, AirPush Detector gets rid of all the ad bars installed without your permission. These usually appear after you visit malicious websites or install an app that you didn’t realize was contained in the toolbar.


AirPush Detector works in a very simple way: the only thing you have to do is click to scan so the tool can find the third-party toolbars. Once the scan is finished you’ll see a list of everything detected, where you can delete the ones you want to get rid of.


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