Lite versions of popular apps are all the rage at the moment, as seen in the success of mini-clients like Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite. Now Microsoft has taken note and ended up releasing the first fully functional public beta of its slimmed-down chat and videoconferencing app: Skype Lite is an official client for Android that requires just 14MB and includes all the basic features of the normal version of Skype.

skype lite feat At just 14MB, the new Skype Lite is here

The point of apps of this ilk is usually always the same: to offer a low-consumption tool for people in developing countries or places with low levels of tech infrastructure. In this case, Skype Lite has initially been released in India to run moderately smoothly on 2G connections, but should it be successful enough we reckon it will roll out officially in the rest of the world, as with Facebook Lite. In any case, if you download and install the APK, it works perfectly and has no geographical limitations.

skype lite screenshot 1 At just 14MB, the new Skype Lite is here

In terms of its features, all the basics are covered. Once you insert your login details you’ll have your list of contacts available, and can hold video and audio calls that include text, multimedia content, and even stickers. Plus it’s possible to use the client as your default SMS app. And it even includes the Skype bots platform to add to your contacts and get access to new features.


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