Recently there’s been a lot of news going around about PC games making the jump to mobile devices. Just recently a mobile version of Fortnite was announced, and now it’s time for ARK: Survival Evolved. Soon, you’ll be struggling to survive on an island filled with dinosaurs from your Android or iOS device.

[Update (06/06/2018)] The official Twitter account for ARK: Survival Evolved just announced that the iOS and Android version will be available beginning June 14. In the official forums, you can read information about how they’ll adapt the game system to a freemium model. From what we’ve seen in the closed beta, it looks very promising. 

ARK: Survival Evolved

Mobile versions of popular PC titles are quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with. Look no further than the recent success of PUBG as an example. Granted, that’s not the only reason, since mobile clones of popular games are everywhere, so it was only a matter of time before the developers of the original games decided to focus on these new players. You just have to look at the numerous clones of PUBG on Android and the sudden appearance of Fortcraft just before the announcement of an official mobile version of Fortnite.

ARK: Survival Evolved plans on bringing many of the characteristics that made the original game popular to the new Android and iOS title: more than 80 species of dinosaurs, a bunch of tools to craft, structures to build… all in a Free to Play model that will be downloadable from Uptodown as soon as it’s released. Hopefully they manage to implement the best elements of the game and leave behind the poor optimization of the PC version.

ARK: Survival Evolved

For now there is a web page where you can register and wait until it’s released for smartphones. First up is the arrival of an iOS beta. On their official Twitter account they’ve announced that it takes up approximately 2 GB of storage space and runs at 30 FPS on iPhone 7 and above. It also requires 2 GB of RAM on Apple devices and 3 GB on Android devices.

While you wait for the dinosaurs to arrive on the Android ecosystem, check out some of these games inspired by the great game by Kayd Hendricks.

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