CrossFit is one of the workout routines that has most rapidly grown in popularity in the last few years. Millions of people around the world are strengthening their bodies using these high-intensity workouts. It’s a fact that sports and technology are constantly becoming more and more connected. That’s why we’re seeing more and more apps that are geared toward increasing the effectiveness of workout routines. Fortunately for all you CrossFit fans out there, we’ve put together a list of five apps that will help you get the most out of your Crossfit workouts. 


Create your WODs or workout routines

In CrossFit lingo, a WOD means “Workout of the Day.” Whether you just started your first sessions or you’re already a pro, with your Android device, you can create new WODs and keep track of the ones you’ve completed. This way, you can see your progress and see which exercises you’ve dominated.

SmartWOD Workout Generator

SmartWOD Workout Generator is one of the most complete and updated tools that you can use to easily create your own WODs. One of the great things is that it offers the possibility to tell the app the material you have to work with in order to get routines adapted for what you have on hand. With this huge database, you’ll have more than 5,000 workouts to innovate and get the most out of each and every CrossFit workout session.


Time your CrossFit sessions

Once you’ve planned the WOD that you’re going to do, it’s time to keep track of the time spent on each exercise. There are CrossFit sessions called AMRAP that are focused on doing just that. Others are focused more on the time and depend on factors like your physical fitness level or the intended exercise. Regardless of the method you prefer, you can use apps to time the CrossFit exercises you complete. 

SmartWOD Timer

With SmartWOD Timer, you can enjoy a simple interface that lets you time any CrossFit session. You just have to select the workout method you’re going to do and enter the values for the session you’re going to complete. Instantly, you’ll have a visual timer that will tell you the times to follow.


Tabata Timer

Tabata Timer is another one of those apps aimed at measuring the intervals of each CrossFit session. In this case, the app is geared mainly toward HIIT workout programs. One of the qualities of the app is that the timer can run in the background. Thanks to this feature, it will alert you of your progress via audio. This is a must so you don’t have to constantly look at your phone while you’re working out.


Meet other athletes and share your progress

Once your t-shirt is sweaty in the CrossFit box, it’s time to share your progress with other athletes around the world. There are various apps that connect you with other Crossfitters and also let you exchange exercises and achievements. With these sorts of apps, you increase the competitiveness and broaden the horizons through the new ideas and concepts about the sport.


Competing against other crossfitters from any part of the world is possible with AimHarder. In this app, you have to create a public profile where you can add each one of the WODs you complete daily. In addition to letting you keep track of your progress, you can follow and talk to thousands of people who share your passion for CrossFit. The tool includes a classification where you can get points, with the objective being to beat the rest of the athletes. It’s even possible to add all the users from your box to compete locally to see who’s the best.



With SugarWOD you can also create a profile where you can note down your workout routines. This app lets you add multimedia content like videos and photos to the notes you take down after each CrossFit session. This way, athletes can easily follow and learn from each other. Plus, you can give your friends virtual fist bumps to cheer them on and comment on their WODs to get the most out of the app.



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