The alarm clock feature has always been a constant in mobile phones, and there are more people now than ever that use their smartphone to wake up instead of a classic alarm clock. On Android you’ll find a ton of alarm clock apps for all different types of needs, both for those who are light sleepers who can wake up with just a gentle ringtone, or, as is my case, those who need someone to dump a pale of freezing cold water on them to wake up.


Wave Alarm

This simple app is designed for daily use, but isn’t recommended for those who are heavy sleepers, as it turns off just by shaking the device, so it’s easy to end up stuck in bed, or accidentally throwing your phone against the wall. The user interface is simple, but visually attractive, and can be configured to provide the weather, in addition to just setting an alarm.


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Sleep As Android

This is one of the most complete apps that you can find, as it tells you specifically when you should wake up instead of having to program the alarm yourself. Sleep As Android is designed to keep track of your sleep patterns throughout the night using the accelerometer on your phone, which should be touching your bed. After two weeks of collecting data, the app can then tell you your sleep needs, and suggest the best time to go to bed, and the optimal amount of hours you should sleep.

Sleep As Android also includes a sound recorder so you can listen to how loud you breathe, record yourself sleep talking, or even show your partner how loud he/she snores. It has a free version, and an ad-free version for $2.99.


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Puzzle Alarm Clock

This is one of those apps that you either love or hate just the same. Puzzle Alarm Clock forces you to solve random puzzles, complicated math problems, memory games, and different questions in order to get the alarm to shut off. You can also shut the alarm off using QR codes.

You can find the fully-loaded paid version for $1.99, and a free version with ads that has only one difficulty level.


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Smart Gentle Alarm

This is a completely customizable app that can be used both as a generic alarm clock as well as a math problem solver, a feature which can also be disabled, much like the previously mentioned Puzzle Alarm Clock. You can configure certain aspects, such as screen brightness, and sound settings for the ringtone. You can even control the app with voice commands.

You can use the free version, whose only setback is that it doesn’t work on Wednesdays, or purchase the complete version for $3.99.


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  1. WakingNews Alarm Clock app
    WakingNews Alarm Clock is yet another beta app release with some potential. It functions primarily as an alarm clock. You set an alarm as usual and it goes off on time as usual. However, this one reads you the news from a variety of sources when it goes off. So it functions a little bit like old school radio alarm clocks. It has several good news sources, including Yahoo Finances, Yahoo Sports, Engadget, etc. However, there are some lesser sources of words there as well. Thankfully, you can choose the sources that play when the alarm goes off. It’s in beta so there are definitely bugs. It is also free and has potential.


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