Summer may be coming to an end soon, but drinking enough water is important year-round. To help you out, there are apps to help you hydrate your body and beat the heat. That’s right, we’ve found a few handy apps that’ll remind you to drink water and stay hydrated long after the summer heat is a distant memory.

Believe it or not, there are apps that exist simply to help you prevent dehydration. Beyond apps that count your steps or keep track of your sleep patterns, apps that help you remember to drink water are especially useful during the summer months when the heat and danger of dehydration rises.

Beber agua

Today, we’re here to talk about apps that aim to remind you to drink water. Doctors recommend that we drink around 8 glasses of water a day, depending on your weight. These apps exist to help you reach this goal every single day, and also keep track of your progress.

Drink Water

The interface of this app is simple, with its one and only objective being to make sure you drink water. You have to enter your weight when you open the app for the first time, so that it automatically registers the amount of water you need to drink every day. 

You can also set up the alarms so that it doesn’t bother you while you’re sleeping and also choose how often you want it to remind you to drink. For example, you can set the time when you wake up and when you go to bed, and during that time you won’t receive any reminders to drink water.

Apps para beber agua

The interface in this app is basic and conventional. Don’t expect too much beyond the simple notifications that will tell you to drink water. You’ll also see a button where you can add the water you drink throughout the day and how much. This way the app will tell you how much more you need to drink in order to reach your daily goal. [Download]

H2o Reminder

This app is more attractive than the one above and it serves the same purpose: to remind you to drink water. You can choose times when the app won’t bother you. For example, while you’re sleeping, having lunch, or eating dinner, or while taking a nap. Before starting to use it, you can enter your weight, if you do exercise or not, and how much water you need to drink a day. You can also set up the measurements of the bottles or glasses you have to add them to the list so they add up correctly.

Once it’s set up, the app will send notifications to remind you to drink. When you drink water, you can add glasses or bottles to the amount you’ve drunk each day. The app will keep track of how much you drink and will add it to the total percentage.

H2O Reminder

You can also see a history of the last few days or weeks to see how you’ve improved and how your relationship with water has evolved. This app also offers tips and advice to help you stay hydrated or to tell you why, how, and when to drink water. [Download]

Water Time Drink Reminder

If you’re looking for a convenient, pretty, and pleasant interface, this is the best of all the apps on the list. The aim of the app is the same as the rest: to drink a healthy amount of water every day. You’ll get reminders to drink water, a goal to reach, and the possibility to add beverages that you drink each day. This app has one unique feature: not only can you add water, but also coffee, tea, milk, soft drinks, and all sorts of beverages.

When you download Water Time Drink Reminder, you’ll have to set up the app with your weight and gender for it to calculate how much water you need to drink each day. The amount of water that you have to drink every day will depend on the person and the app will come up with an estimate.

Water Time Drink Reminder

Once the app is set up, you can enter in each glass, cup, or bottle you drink to reach your goal. It’s not only water that hydrates and this app lets you add any drink you consume. That said, not all drinks are created equal: the hydration for a cup of coffee is 10%, while a glass of water is 100%. To add any beverage, you just have to tap the screen on your phone and choose what it is and the size. It’ll automatically be added to your daily hydration.

Water Time Drink Reminder

You can access a history of how much you’ve drunk in the last few days and can also activate alarms to help you to remember to drink something. Like the previous apps, you can turn off these alarms at night or choose how often it alerts you and reminds you to drink. [Download]


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