There are thousands of smartphone apps that you would like to try, but it’s always better if you can get them for free. After being removed from Apple’s app store, AppGratis comes to Android, an app designed to notify users about which paid apps can be downloaded for free or with a huge discount for 24 hours. It is great for anyone who loves getting deals.

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Ever since its creation, AppGratis was at the top of the list of most downloaded apps on iOS. But on April 5 of this year, Apple decided to remove the app from the AppStore almost without giving any explanation, even though it had more than 12 million users.

Apple published a press release through the magazine AllThingsD where it explains the reasons for the removal, which was that it didn’t comply with the iTunes store guidelines. The first of which, Clause 2.12, says that they can reject any app that isn’t considered useful, a replica of a website, or that simply doesn’t offer any form of entertainment. The second, Clause 2.20, restricts apps from having several versions, and the third, Clause  2.25, says that apps that promote other apps, and that can be confused with the AppStore itself, are prohibited.

Simon Dawlat, CEO of AppGratis, called on users to sign a petition on, which already has reached more than 900,000 signatures, and became so widespread that even the French government received word of it, and has decided to support the cause.

The way that AppGratis works, which doesn’t comply with said guidelines, is really simple – all you have to do is install the app, and every day it will notify you of an offer that lasts 24 hours in which you can download any app for free, or for a discount of up to 90% off its original price.

The interface displays the original price of the app of the day, along with a small description, and several screenshots.

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If you like the app, all you have to do is click the “Download free” button, and AppGratis will redirect you to the Play Store where you can download it for free, all because you were notified by this app.

AppGratis’ settings can be configured so that it automatically notifies you of the new apps of the day with a sound or vibration notification so you don’t lose out on any deals, and so you can take advantage of and keep your Android full of useful, original, fun, and exclusive apps.

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