Rovio’s latest strategy for squeezing new juice out of Angry Birds is to pair up with external studios to take a stab at different kinds of gameplays. First it was Angry Birds Ace Fighter, which took us into Martian-killing territory. Now it’s real time strategy with Angry Birds Islands, where you build and expand your village as you make expeditions to collect resources and take on challenges. And yes, the pigs are the bad guys.

angry birds islands 1 Angry Birds Islands: New saga spinoff tries RTS on for size

This time Rovio has handed the project over to the Korean studio NHN Studio 629, famous in the West for their entertaining ARPG Heroes Wanted. The developers there have put together an strategy and management game where you’ve got to make a village prosper. To do so, you have to gather raw materials and meet the building conditions, and then wait the required amount of time to finish up the process. That said, the original bit comes in with its other game mode.

At any time you can create a wagon train to send into unknown territory. This mode, unlike the previous one, is done by moving your caravan around the setting in real time to fulfil different purposes. Your workers can extract resources while your warriors and explorers serve to resolve challenges like rescuing hostages or killing pigs. For practical purposes, this is where you do the crafting that you’ll consume in your village.

angry birds islands 2 Angry Birds Islands: New saga spinoff tries RTS on for size

Angry Birds Islands is translated into English, Japanese, and Korean, and though it’s still not out globally on Google Play, you can download, install, and play it with no regional restrictions with its APK, available here on Uptodown.


  1. Hey, Rovio, you gonna make a new game finally?


    Is it another Angry Birds Cash Grab?

    … No

    It is, isn’t it?

    … Yes


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