Nope. They’re not going away any time soon. No two ways about it, people just can’t get enough of Angry Birds. With over 17 different games, including sequels and spin-offs, we have for you today yet another Angry Bird title within the saga. After touching on wildly diverse themes, they did it again—this time to soccer. Angry Birds Goal! is based on the super successful New Star Soccer. In fact, if you snoop around a bit taking a deeper look into the team of developers behind this project, you’ll find some striking coincidences like the fact that both studios are based in the same UK city as the crew at New Star Games.. What are the odds!?


Gameplay in Angry Birds Goal! puts you into the skin of a Soccer team manager who must improve their players’ skills while forging important client relationships with fans and sponsors. We’re looking at a decaf strategy game where most matches take place automatically except for the occasional task where you’ll be required to keep close watch on controlling your players to make sure they run the plays and shoot.

For now, this is just the Angry Birds Goal! soft-launch and has yet to be made widely available internationally. As per usual, it’s already up to download in APK format straight from Uptodown. Install and play it for free regardless of where you’re located.


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