February might be the shortest month of the year but that doesn’t mean it can’t serve up a good helping of awesome apps. This week we wanted to highlight a huge update to one of the biggest games on Android, plus other apps deserving of a spot on your home screen.

Destacados de la semana en Android

Pokémon GO

Impossible to start this week’s round of recommendations with anything besides Pokémon GO. Though its importance has been drooping bit by bit, the arrival of a new generation of Pokémon is sure to infuse some life into what was probably the most important game of 2016. Time to put on your training hat and get ready to go hunting around Johto. [Download]

Pokémon GO


Every week an app appears that we could categorize as “random” and yet it goes viral and everybody ends up using it. This week Android’s gotten an app that makes a smile appear on any face put in front of it more or less naturally. A proper hit on iOS that’s aiming to stay in vogue for a good while longer. Go ahead, get your smile on. [Download]


Heart Star

Puzzle platformers are always one of our faves – and even more so when they come in as artsy a package as Heart Star. This new game lets you play a couple characters while advancing through its gorgeous story. You have to alternate between them as you face the challenges along the way. Fifty levels where you can lose yourself in a lovely minimalist world. [Download]

heart star screenshot Android highlights of the week [Feb 13-19, 2017]

Email – Fast and Secure Mail

The very first thing I do when I turn on my computer or pick up my phone is check my email. A good app for managing different email accounts is indispensable these days. Though there are tons of apps, Email – Fast and Secure Mail stands out for its robustness and ease of use. Plus it includes an option to un-send emails, which can be tremendously useful and makes it worth a shot to check it out. [Download]

e mail screenshot Android highlights of the week [Feb 13-19, 2017]


People who haven’t had enough fun with the apps listed above have one last chance to do it with MadLipz, another app with built-in hilarity. This fun app dubs short video clips in a very simple way. A good way to surprise friends or kill some time. And with the crazy number of clips it’s got, you’ll find it impossible to get bored. [Download]



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