The point-and-click graphic adventure genre works perfectly with the system of touch controls on Android devices. Just this week we’ve seen the Android release of Thimbleweed Park, the essential title from Ron Gilbert, creator of the legendary Maniac Mansion, among others. The genre may have gone through a lot of changes over the years, but remains timely as you can see in this selection of free games to enjoy on Android.

aventuras graficas featured The best free graphic adventures for Android


One cool exponent of this genre plays out without your character appearing onscreen at all. You’ll have to use the cursor to interact with the settings. Nobodies puts you in the skin of an expert in removing incriminating evidence of murder, and your mission is to check out various crime scenes and do what needs to be done. The game is 100% free, though it does include a bit of advertising that you can get rid of with an in-app purchase. [Download]

aventuras graficas nobodies The best free graphic adventures for Android

Distraint: Pocket Pixel Horror

The survival horror genre is a splendid match for the inventory management and progression system we usually see in graphic adventures. Distraint plays in that league, offering an intriguing story that’ll keep you on edge even with its adorable pixel art aesthetic. We already reviewed it for you on the blog a few months ago. [Download]

aventuras graficas distraint The best free graphic adventures for Android

Father and Son

A “lite” graphic adventure where the experience focuses more on exploring than on solving puzzles. This game, promoted by the National Museum of Archeology in Naples, has a protagonist who’s looking to find out more about the life of his dead father, who dedicated his life to preserving and expanding the museum’s patrimony. [Download]

aventuras graficas father son The best free graphic adventures for Android

The Secret of the Necromancer

A group of kids has gotten trapped inside a horror video game and they’re trying to get out. With this premise this interesting adventure has already earned a spot in our hearts that, despite being a bit short, offers a fantastic experience. [Download]

aventuras graficas nigromante The best free graphic adventures for Android

Hidden object games, in general

The hidden objects subgenre has proved durable in part due to how well it works on Android. Interacting with items in the setting and solving small puzzles seems more comfortable than submerging yourself in the sustained plot of traditional adventures. Here are some of the best games to be found in this category.

SCUMMVM: Retro is always cool

If what you’re longing for is a classic graphic adventure, why not play one directly? We here at Uptodown are big fans (yes, fans, in plural) of ScummVM, the emulator that can run graphic adventures on modern devices. In the blog we’ve talked at great length about how to install and configure the app, something that, together with the fact that there are several titles out there that over the years have come out as freeware, make it much easier to relive hits like Dreamweb, Lure of Temptress, and Flight of the Amazon Queen. [Download]

aventuras graficas lure The best free graphic adventures for Android


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