Until a few years ago the endless tangle of stories and characters that make up the Marvel Universe were exclusively for the enjoyment of comic book readers. After several failed attempts, in 2008 Marvel Studios managed to extend its empire to the world of cinema, and now, after a dozen or so movies (and more to come), The Avengers have colonized the mainstream imagination, with subproducts to be found in nearly all spheres. Video games are no exception; to give you a smattering, here are seven Free-to-Play Android games starring characters from the Marvel Universe. Excelsior!

Marvel Contest of Champions [Download]

In the Marvel Universe (hereinafter MU), Contest of Champions was a 1982 limited-edition series that brought together the most iconic Marvel heroes for the first time, with the sole premise of seeing how they all bounced off each other. With this in mind, this Android game was born, in line with the Distinguished Competition’s premise in Injustice: Gods Among Us, as a 3D fighting game with a simple touch control system.

The game brings together characters from several collections: some of the main members of The Avengers, mutants, Guardians of the Galaxy, and minor characters from Spider Man, as well as rather more obscure names – but still enjoyable for genre superfans – such as Iron Fist, Massacre, and Black Bolt of the Inhumans.

Marvel Puzzle Quest [Download]

We don’t really know whether we should recommend this game given the number of hours it’s sucked down the drain for some of us here at Uptodown. The Puzzle Quest gameplay is now more than worn out: puzzles with actions that produce different effects depending on the color of the pieces that explode when you match them up. But add to this an enormous roster of characters, a fine-tuned game system with several modes that reward your progress and the fact that new missions are added every day, and we’re looking at a brilliant game that – we repeat – could seriously endanger your time management.

Avengers Alliance [Download]

Trading card games came to MU ages ago, at least in physical format. War of Heroes brought that experience to the mobile realm, with the same advantages in terms of getting new characters to battle your team and make it ever more powerful in turn-based battles. The mission system that references loads of characters and situations from the comics as well as its enormous cast provide extra titillation for your average Marvel-zombie.

Iron Man 3 [Download]

Iron Man 3 (2013) was the first film in the so-called Phase 2 in the Marvel movie universe, which jumbled up references from the comic books it was based on: Extremis armor, for instance, and the appearance of The Mandarin (rather watered-down compared to his actual comic counterpart, it must be said). In this case the variegated cast of the previous title is left aside to offer an action game halfway between an endless runner and a shoot’em up, expanding the movie world with a background where you’ll have to confront Tony Stark’s most notorious arch nemeses, such as the IMA group, M.O.D.O.K, and Crimson Dynamo.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier [Download]

Same thing as Iron Man. The second installment of the lone wanderings of Steve Rogers follows the path of Phase 2 (which ends with the second part of The Avengers) and places America’s son in a complicated position between Winter Soldier, who is doing strange things, and the Hydra people, who are boycotting SHIELD. You’ll have to face these problems in this game, playing the Cap and advancing through the levels by defeating your enemies with fists or shield, while supporting troops guard your back.

Thor: The Dark World [Download]

You could knock Gameloft for its skimpy originality in the games it releases, but you can’t deny that they’re still very good at what they do. This hack-and-slash fits Odin’s son like a glove, and has you traversing the nine kingdoms trying to foil the plots of the dark elf Malekith with the Hammer of Thor. You’ll get the extra pleasure of fighting alongside Sif, Volstagg, Heimdall, and other brothers-in-arms.

Spider-Man Unlimited [Download]

To top off the list, we’ll take a step away from The Avengers movie lineup (unless Marvel says otherwise) to recommend a wall-climbing adventure. Yes, it’s an endless runner with a cherry on top, but the real joy in this Unlimited is the enormous number of winks to Spider-Man fans peppered through the game, especially in terms of the huge array of alternative outfits you can unlock. The only thing missing is Spider-Ham!


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