As we’ve seen before, not every successful game from Asian countries ends up making its way to the west. Many mobile games, especially ones based on mangas or animes that aren’t internationally popular, end up stranded in Japan. Considering the fact that many of them don’t rely too much on the language and aren’t limited geographically, we’re here to recommend ten Android games that you may not know about if you don’t live in Japan.

jump stadium feat 10 Android games that haven't left Japan yet, but you can already play

Captain Tsubasa Zero

The revival of Tsubasa came from the hands of the successful Captain Tsubasa Dream Team for smartphones, but we now have its successor. A few months ago, a new anime came out that recounted the new adventures of Oliver/Tsubasa in his younger years, and this game is based on this release. We still have collecting and gatchas in the form of iconic players, acting as practically passive spectators during the matches that are shown with beautiful and cartoon-like 3D graphics. [Download]

Captain Tsubasa Zero

Ark the Lad R

As we’ve already mentioned in the blog, the Ark the Lad saga may not be as popular as Final Fantasy or Shin Megami Tensei, but that doesn’t change the fact that we’re talking about one of the best JRPGs from the first PlayStation. This Android game is a direct sequel to the second installment released in 1996, maintaining both the game perspective and the turn-based combat system on grids. [Download]

arc the lad r screenshot 1 10 Android games that haven't left Japan yet, but you can already play

Arc the Lad R: the legendary RPG saga has finally arrived on mobile devices

Jump Stadium

The magazine Jump is a total institution in Japan, with it being the main manga publication where benchmarks like Dragon Ball, Saint Seiya, and Naruto were born. This game is a celebration of its 50th anniversary in the form of an enormous fighting game with more that 40 characters to choose from and a gameplay based on Smash Bros. You know the drill: take down your opponent’s life points by hitting him and throwing him out of the setting. [Download]

Jump Stadium captura

Wild Arms: Million Memories

Here’s another saga born in the time of the first PlayStation and that never separated from the Sony stronghold. Steampunk, epic fantasy, and the wild west in a visual hodgepodge that hasn’t been continued since 2007. In this new installment, exclusive for mobile devices, the turn-based combats from the original games are replaced with a real-time system. [Download]

Wild Arms: Million Memories is back exclusively for smartphones

My Hero Academia Smash Tap

My Hero Academia is one of the most successful manganimes right now. The adventures of Midoriya and the rest of the heroes already have an adaptation for Android in the form of an action game where you have to tap your way through levels plagued with enemies. It’s an adorable tribute to the peace advocates with super powers. [Download]

my hero accademia smash tap screenshot 1 10 Android games that haven't left Japan yet, but you can already play

You don’t want to miss the official game from My Hero Academia: Smash Tap

Bleach: Soul Liberation

Bleach forms part of the so-called Big Three from the magazine Shonen Jump, or in other words, one of the three most important mangas in the present decade. If Bleach: Brave Souls was already a good game, Soul Liberation is even better thanks to improved graphics and more depth in how it references elements from the work created by Tite Kubo. That said, the game is all about fighting, fighting, and more fighting to unlock more characters and abilities. [Download]

bleach soul liberation screenshot 3 10 Android games that haven't left Japan yet, but you can already play

Anime gets yet another quality game with Bleach: Soul Liberation

The King of Fighters World

The King of Fighters saga has a lot of Android games just like we saw recently in the blog, even in areas that aren’t strictly related with 1vs1. All-Star from NetMarble is the latest installment to arrive, providing us with an MMORPG with decent 3D graphics and total respect for the original movements of Iori, Ryo, and the rest of the SNK icons. That said, it’s kind of weird to see 20 copies of Terry Bogard roaming around the setting. [Download]

king of fighters world screenshot 10 Android games that haven't left Japan yet, but you can already play

Jumputi Heroes

Going back to the magazine Shonen Jump and its 50th anniversary. This time it all revolves around solving Match 3-style puzzles with extra mechanics from games like Puzzle Quest. Each hero has his or her own abilities and a certain color, and the objective is to defeat the rival team with combinations. All this is seasoned with iconic cartoon images from the mangas featured. [Download]

jumputi heroes 10 Android games that haven't left Japan yet, but you can already play

Gestalt Odin

Square Enix has joined forces with the studio Aiming recently to release this new IP for Android. The Ragnarok, heroes from different mythologies and the inevitable threat that wants to destroy them all are the excuse to offer a JRPG with enormous production values. Although there are parts of the game where you can freely explore the settings, the bulk of the action takes place in turn-based combats against all sorts of enemies using the skills of each one of the members of your team. As if we really have to explain this one. [Download]


Idol Master Cinderella Girls

We’re going to wrap this one up with one of the main typical Japanese perversions. We’re talking about the shady world of Idols, media stars (real or not) half-way between singers, models, and mere public figures to adore. In this game framed within the videogame saga of the Idolm@ster, you have to perform on the stage, as well as live your life outside the show, interacting with other characters and, among other things, decorating your room. [Download]

cinderella girls 10 Android games that haven't left Japan yet, but you can already play


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