Rooting an Android can provide lots of joys to experienced users, as there are loads of apps out there that take advantage of superuser permissions to unlock features denied to ‘standard’ Android users. Here are some of the most useful apps you can install after rooting your smartphone.


This should be the first and most important app you install after doing the root, as it lets you manage the permissions granted to all the apps you run. If an app tries to access certain features on your device, SuperSU will make a window pop up to tell you so, and let you create exceptions. [Download]


Root Checker

Another essential for getting started, as it lets you check if you’ve correctly rooted the device. Its features go no further than that: checking if you’ve done everything properly. [Download]


ROM Manager

The greatest advantage when it comes to rooting your device is the possibility to completely change the inner workings of your Android operating system with custom ROMS that make substantial modifications to both the aesthetic and the functional. ROM Manager lets you install them and create recovery systems to go back to the original status. [Download]


Titanium Backup

In most cases installing a new custom ROM on a device requires you to restore the device’s entire configuration, losing everything and having to reinstall all your apps from scratch. Titanium Backup lets you save yourself that hassle, letting you make a security copy of all the info on your device. Essential for users who like fiddling around with their smartphone configuration. [Download]


Device Control

Get ready for the strong stuff. This app lets you disrupt some internal aspects reserved for those who know what they’re doing. It’s possible to modify the maximum and minimum operation frequency for the device’s nuclei or the GPU, as well as modifying or removing installed apps even if they are system apps, although for the latter there are more interesting, specialized apps that we’ll mention soon. [Download]



We’ve talked before about this useful tool that lets you stop or hibernate apps running in the background, although many of its features are exclusive to root users, as in the case of doing all these things to system apps as well. [Download]


Root Browser

There are file explorers out the wazoo, but they are usually restricted to the access permissions granted by Android when it comes to managing files and folders at the root of the device. Root Browser gets around any restriction to allow full access to the internal structure of the device and to modify the access permissions for any element. [Download]


System App Remover

One of the biggest hurdles when it comes to cleaning your device is that it’s impossible to get rid of certain ‘system’ apps, which is especially annoying when they are apps included in the layer of customization from the manufacturer. System App Remover lets you remove any app or service, among other interesting features such as the option to move them to an external SD card. [Download]


WiFi Password Root

There are lots of minor apps to retrieve device info that’s inaccessible by default. This useful app can show the passwords saved for connections you’ve used in the past. [Download]


Tutorials Root

The best way to find out which apps are good to use as a root user and the implications of enabling superuser permissions is to read, read, read. This app brings together all the info you need to learn about the world of rooting and how to proceed when doing it on various different devices. [Download]




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