We all know that each version of Android takes its name from traditional desserts or candies, moving down the alphabet for the name of each release. Up to this point we’ve been able to run Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, HoneyComb, Ice Cream Sandwich, and Jellybean versions on our phones and tablets. And—finally—it’s just been confirmed that the next version of the operating system, number 4.4, will be called Kit Kat, putting to rest rumors that it might be named Key Lime Pie.


In the Google+ publication that announced that Android had surpassed 1 billion active devices, one of the directors of the Android and Chrome projects published a photo of a statue of the Kit Kat–shaped Android mascot lined up next to each of its predecessors.  Given that Google is one of those companies that likes to have fun—as evidenced by its Doodles, its April Fools jokes, and the toboggans in its offices—many people suspected the Kit Kat mascot might be an elaborate joke, until it was confirmed on Android’s official webpage.

The confirmation set off chatter about another, even greater curiosity, which is that neither Google nor any other company has ever before named an operating system with another firm’s trademark (which is what Kit Kat is, held by the Nestlé company). Until now, all the names of Android versions have been generic sweets or desserts.

Spokespeople for Nestlé and Google made their partnership official by declaring in an interview with the BBC that the agreement was made in February of this year. Unlike the vast majority of most commercial agreements, this one does not involve any exchange of money, but rather both brands taking a gamble on mutual marketing. At the moment several promotions are already underway in which each Kit Kat wrapper contains a chance to win a Nexus 7 or a Google Play Store credit.


It’s very clear that, having fanned the rumor that the new version would be called Key Lime Pie during the last 6 months, the kids over at Google love a good joke, and that they have a rather particular way of announcing news, by leaking details that only the most attentive would catch. In the official video of the unveiling of the new mascot statue (the video itself only stayed on the official Google account for a few hours), right around second 00:40 you can see what is rumored to be the new Nexus 5 in the hands of one of the developers, who is snapping photos at that moment. We hope that winning one of those prizes hidden inside the Kit Kat bars will be a bit simpler than figuring out all the messages that Google is trying to send us.

Official webpage | http://www.android.com/kitkat/



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