The virtual money fever had already arrived, and now we can say that it is here for good. When one of the most powerful Internet companies adopts the idea, there is no reason to believe that it won’t be important anytime in the near future. Amazon has launched Coins, a tremendously direct and honest name for its own virtual currency. It plans on using it for its more prominent devices starting right away.


Amazon has a very clear objective in mind with this currency: Facilitate and better control the economic transactions that are made on its app store, whether it is a new app purchase, or one that is made within an app itself. It is being tested for a limited time on Kindle Fire tablets, and is exclusive to the Amazon AppStore in the U.S. As you would expect, they will be expanding it to more services and regions over time.

Amazon Coins won’t affect only Amazon shoppers, whether positively or negatively, but also those who develop apps for Amazon devices. All those who launch apps under this new currency will directly receive 70% of the benefits of their app sales.

All this seems to indicate that not long from now Coins will be the currency of Amazon’s online store, which is perhaps the largest in the world. It will take some adjusting to the difference in prices, but this isn’t too hard if you take into account that 500 coins equal $5 (and all Kindle Fire users in the U.S. have been given 500 coins for free).

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