We can confirm, without a doubt, that the Android version of the first Alphabear was one of the best games of 2016. This twist on the well-known Scrabble gameplay was released by the studio Spry Fox after their success with Triple Town. The game’s saga is now being expanded to include this delayed sequel that we can finally download, despite it being in beta phase. Update: The game is now available worldwide.

alphabear 2 featured Word puzzles are making a comeback with Alphabear 2

The concept is still basically the same: you have to complete a board by combining letter pieces that are revealed as you play. The more adjacent spaces you used in your combinations, the bigger your bear will grow, and the higher your score will be at the end. The challenge is in the fact that the pieces eventually get blocked and end up becoming useless after a certain number of turns, along with other variables in each level like the existence of a time limit to complete the levels.

alphabear 2 screenshots 1 Word puzzles are making a comeback with Alphabear 2

The educational component of Alphabear is more present in this second edition with the integration of a dictionary that shows the meaning of the words that you create. The game is exclusively in English, but thanks to its different difficulty levels, it can be adapted to both native speakers and English learners alike.

In addition to the Story mode where you complete levels in order, you’ll have access to other game modes in the form of daily challenges or modes to get new bears, which will give you special abilities that you can use in your games. And if that all isn’t enough, then you can buy aesthetic improvements for your character, level him up, try to get a “perfect” on the board with a giant bear without any blocked spaces, or test out your linguistic expertise in more complicated game modes.

alphabear 2 screenshots 2 Word puzzles are making a comeback with Alphabear 2

The only real limitation is the honey, a resource that you need to access each level, and if it runs out, then you’ll have to wait real time for it to get refilled. Of course, you can also pay to get more honey or coins in order to get the improvements mentioned faster. But this all includes elements that you can get by playing for free, or by watching an ad or two (always with your permission). An honest business model that we sadly are seeing less and less of nowadays.

As we’ve said, Alphabear 2 is still in its beta phase, although it can be downloaded and played without any type of geographic restriction through its APK file. Spry Fox knows how to make good games. And that’s a fact that can’t be argued in view of the saga that we have before us, along with their other titles like Triple Town and Bushido Bear.



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