On May 4th we celebrate Star Wars day, and even though the reason for this day is basically just a silly pun (May the 4th be with you), the truth is that it’s a big deal for hardcore fans of the galactic saga. To celebrate, we’ve decided to make a list of the top 10 free Star Wars video games on Android.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

The Star Wars universe so big, that it can fit everything but the kitchen sink, including games where what really matters is watching iconic characters beat each other up, in lieu of actually fitting in with the adventures from its heavily woven storyline.

Galaxy of Heroes offers players just that, turn-taking fights between teams of characters with different skills that are grouped into different missions that’ll improve your troop’s abilities, gain you access to new challenges, and start all over again. It’s also very, very pretty.


Star Wars: Revolution

The first game on Android that fits in well with the new (revised) Star Wars trilogy. The excuse here is to finish off the rests of an Empire that was destroyed after the second Death Star in Episode VI, even though we already know that this won’t be a happy ending. In this case, you’ll get a fun action game where you’ll have to beat short dungeon-like missions where you manage how you use your skills.


Star Wars Rebels: Recon

The adventures of Ezra and his group of rebels are told in this animated action series called Star Wars Rebels by Disney Channel. Its main argument centers on the events that take place between Episodes III and IV during the early days of the rebel alliance. This game takes over the situations and characters from this series via lateral platforming and side-scroll formatting.


Star Wars: Commander

The good thing about the Star Wars formula is, because of its rich tapestry of storylines that have been interiorized over several generations, it adapts to any mode of storytelling without causing an uproar in its homogenous mix of fans. In this case, the clash between the Empire and the Rebels takes the form of the well known Clash of Clans, meaning, you’ll need to manage buildings and troops generated in ascending bands of time while planning your attacks on enemy bases. You’ll be able to accelerate your progress with the inevitable (but, optional) micropayments. The Disney kingdom knows what its commoners want.



Angry Birds Star Wars 1 y 2

We’re back to betting on the winning steed, more so if you’re talking about the best saga from the guys at Rovio. Slap a Darth Vader helmut onto an irate chicken, and you’ll get legions of fans downloading the umpteenth turn of the screw in the Star Wars saga. Same gameplay with nuances to the great galactic parrot — this game is such a huge super success, that they’re selling more dolls and board games for Angry Birds Star Wars than for the original birds and pigs on their own.


LEGO Star Wars 1 y 2

A LEGO Star Wars is out for practically every gaming platform that’s come into existence within the last decade. This well known building game is a winning card that’s been around the block with all sorts of brands, from the superheroes at Marvel and DC to the cinematographic likes of a certain Harry Potter. In terms of both Android versions, they’ve decided to maintain the basic guidelines for the whole series by alternating levels with platforms and other arcade driving options while players pick up pieces and explore iconic scenery from within the saga. In the second part, they’ve added elements that are common to strategy games with unit developments.

star wars lego All the free to play Star Wars games on Android

Star Wars: Force Collection

Back to what we mentioned earlier about Commander, just like in the theme from Guile, Star Wars goes well with everything. In true nerd fashion, these expanded and adapted versions of the universal saga are like a fish in water when it comes to fitting into collectible card formats.

Force Collection presents players with the option to create decks of cards that they’ll use to face off during combat. Eac with their own collective stats, life points, attack and special skills this makes for a hodgepodge conglomerate of fights between iconic characters, and vehicles from different spheres courtesy of the great Konami themselves. For what it’s worth..

star wars-force

Star Wars Battlefront Companion

Bonus! More than on its own, this app accompanies the already successful Star Wars Battlefront, that not only manages your advancement through the game, but also lets you play mini card games where you’ll get to earn credits for use later on.



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