AirDroid is one of the most comprehensive programs out there for interacting with your Android device from your PC. We’ve already discussed its virtues before when it comes to viewing and modifying the content of your smartphone or tablet from your web browser. Now the public beta of its third version has just been launched, and incorporates a new installable version of the desktop for Windows and Mac as well as new features for the mobile client.

Up to this point you could use AirDroid to navigate through your device’s file system from your desktop computer’s browser, and download photos and videos from there as well. It’s also possible to send and receive text messages, uninstall apps, and do specific tasks like setting up a ringtone or changing your home screen wallpaper. From the app it’s also possible to do extra tasks like using your device’s 3G connection as a Wi-Fi access point, tether to other devices, or remotely locate your phone.


These features now pale in comparison with everything you can do with the new version. One of the most important novelties is the inclusion of the so-called AirMirror, a remote desktop system where you can see everything happening on your device from the screen of your PC. You can use the mouse to interact with the system, launch apps, and make any change remotely. At the moment this feature is only applicable to rooted devices and doesn’t work on Android 5.0 Lollipop, but it’s expected that both restrictions will be removed in later updates.


File transfers are now bidirectional, and are retained to allow syncing for up to seven days afterward before being deleted. Also, a new encryption system has been implemented from one end to the other to prevent your documents from being captured in flight. New notices have also been added to the notifications system and now you’ll also be notified on your PC when you receive calls, although at the moment you can still only pick them up from the phone itself.

airdroid desktop 1 AirDroid 3 beta now available for Windows and Android

The stand-alone version of the desktop client offers all these features with no need to run it on a browser, meaning you can use it independently and enable automatic startup if you use it a lot.



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