AirDroid is a free, popular application that you can use to control your Android device from your desktop computer’s web browser, and it is compatible with any operating system available. You can use it to transfer files from your phone to your computer or viceversa; it also allows you to preview images, or read and send SMS messages, just to mention some of its features. What’s more, you can try out the new version 2.0, which includes lots of improvements.

airdroid 2 beta AirDroid 2 is now available, and with incredible improvements

The new version incorporates some very interesting improvements, such as allowing you to find your phone using GPS, showing you where it is on a map, as well as allowing you to see an image taken by the camera, regardless of where it is. This is the greatest improvement that the app offers, as in the previous version you could only access your Android device if it was connected to a LAN network. Now, however, you can access your device through any secure connection, even if you are thousands of miles away from your device.

airdroid 2 camara AirDroid 2 is now available, and with incredible improvements

You can also take pictures from your phone using the Android interface, remotely block the device, and delete your data in case the phone is stolen, take screen shots, or use a very practical system that allows you to drag files or .apk packets (the packets that house Android apps) from your PC’s desktop, and upload and install them automatically.

When you run AirdDroid 2, you are asked to login or to create a new account, although you can also login using your Twitter, Google, or Facebook account. There is a small bug here, which is that it won’t allow you to create your own account unless there is also an available Twitter account of the same name.

Download AirDroid on Uptodown |

Official website to access AirDroid 2 |


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