Although Windows already includes its own software uninstall tool, by default it lacks a lot of features that many users find themselves needing. Menu Uninstaller Pro fills this gap, offering an advanced program uninstall wizard with many features not included in the Microsoft operating system.

Its main feature makes it possible to extend to the traditional desktop an option first introduced in the ModernUI menu: the option to directly uninstall programs via an option on the context menu that appears when you right-click on a shortcut or program. This means you won’t have to go through the uninstall wizard to remove the software in question.

With regard to the interface itself for Menu Uninstaller Pro, we’re basically talking about a super-pumped-up version of the Windows wizard, with lots of extra information for each program such as the filepath or the command line associated with the uninstall, info about the registry elements that will be modified or removed during the process, or data related to the developer, contact info, or official associated URL.

menu uninstall screenshot Advanced uninstalls with Menu Uninstaller Pro

Another of its most appreciated features is the option to uninstall several programs at the same time, which speeds up the task of cleaning out other people’s computers with a million programs to delete, as you can queue their removal en masse.

As if that weren’t enough, if you need more precise information on the changes made, you can generate a log that tracks the changes of each uninstall along with the registration keys modified and files removed from your computer.

In sum, if you need a tool that gives you greater control and versatility when managing your installed software, Menu Uninstaller Pro is a perfect replacement for the Windows wizard, given its inclusion of many features that are so useful they should been included in the system by default.


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