Not everyone is very handy with this business of keeping their PC running well, which usually involves messing with various tools to solve common computer performance problems. Conscious of that, IOBit has released a new version of Advanced SystemCare, its maintenance and cleaning suite for Windows that automates the whole process without leaving aside a certain level of depth to manually polish particular aspects of your operating system.

Beyond the array of a posteriori options it includes, what dominates the screen when you open the program is an enormous button to scan your computer for problems to later move on and auto-repair them. A series of fields at the bottom lets you select which aspects you want to review. When you finalize the process you’ll get a list of all the errors it advises you to fix, broken down into the following sections: spyware threats, registry errors, privacy problems, trash files, Internet problems, and shortcut errors. Inside it has all sorts of tweaks and modifications that the program deems beneficial to the computer.


The main novelty of version 9 is its full support for Windows 10 and most of its integrated applications, including Microsoft Edge and the Modern Apps, with protective resources and specific repairs supplied for the latest version of the Microsoft operating system. Beyond that a new system has been included to free up RAM that closes unnecessary applications running in the background, as well as the protection of your DNS addresses and improvements to private browsing.


In terms of the other tools it keeps most modules, such as the in-depth optimizer to further improve browser function or system startup, smart startup acceleration, and a Turbo mode that clears your memory and leaves only the essential elements in case your system gets overloaded.



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