Most people aren’t born with the patience to become a computer whiz. Even more so when it comes to dealing with the sheer number of tools used for an old PC to perform in tip-top shape. Well aware of that fact, the team at IOBit launched a new version of Advanced SystemCare, their well-known cleaning and maintenance software Windows suite that automatically runs all those minute tasks without relinquishing any features to manually polish your operating system.

In addition to default features, the piece de resistance is the huge button designed to scan your entire machine therby locating any issues that might go unnoticed until they’ve run amok. It’ll even proceed to automatically fix them if you so desire. Filling in the gaps in the lower part of your screen takes you to the options menu where you’ll decide where you want your system scanned. In any case, as soon as the scan is finished, a full list of any prevalent system errors pops up to notify you. Each list contains information on: Spyware threats, Log errors, Privacy issues, SPAM files, internet connectivity issues, and shortcut bugs. Within that category, there are a number of mods and tweaks which —according to the developers themselves— are top picks to optimize your system.


New features for version 10

The main novelty in version 10 is the introduction of a face detection system to unlock the computer. It also added in an Ad Blocker that you can use with Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer (yes, Explorer) as well as a new pair of cleaning modules, optimization and resource management that will, among other things, speed up real-time performances.


As for the rest of tools, most modules are the same. For example, the in-depth optimizer greatly improves your system’s overall performance especially when opening up your browser or during system startup. There’s also a ‘Turbo’ mode that cleans your entire memory leaving only essential apps installed.


Giveaway! Free upgrade to Advanced SystemCare Pro

Fortunately, the team at IObit offered us this promo code for anyone to use to upgrade your Advanced SystemCare Free to Pro version for free! That way you’ll have access to a host of features (more on that here). The same code is valid for up to 60 PCs, so it’ll only work on a first-come first-served basis. Good Luck!

Upgrade Code | 8E5F0-7E61B-F60E2-2EA74


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