It’s a bit late coming, but Adobe is adapting to the needs of the mobile market by releasing free versions of its desktop software fitted to current Android standards. The latest addition is the one and only Premiere, or at least a pocket version of the popular video editor that lets you make compositions of several images or videos, apply effects, and make adjustments right from your Android.

You can’t expect the app to do miracles. In fact its possibilities are quite similar to the Google Photos image editor, allowing you to choose a series of videos and images while the app itself puts the montage together and adds background music.


The tool follows the line of other apps in the Adobe Cloud ecosystem, meaning to use it you’ll need to log in to your Adobe account or create one to get access to the creations from the user community or store your own compositions in the cloud and import them from similar services like LightRoom.


You can’t expect the moon, but it’s true that Premiere Clip is more than enough to create simple clips to share on social networks. Obviously you’re not going to find a multitrack editor, but you can indeed link one video to another, crop the bits you want, modify the levels, and apply default image filters.



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