Adobe’s recent announcement has thrown many of its user through a loop: Creative Suite is based on version CS6 and Adobe Photoshop CS7 won’t ever exist, nor any of its creative programs, at least, not as we know them today. The popular design company will be called Adobe CC when it switches over to the cloud and Creative Commons. It also confirmed that it will eliminate the ability to purchase product licenses, and replace them with a monthly subscription.

Adobre creative commons

Creative Cloud was presented last year as a monthly subscription service alternative to paying for a product license, but now Adobe wants to take advantage of this new model to diminish piracy and make it easier for customers to acquire the applications they need at a price they can afford.

The new version won’t make you pay the enormous price tag that a complete license costs, which was a setback for many users. This new business model will have prices for different plans to better adapt to the users. Users will pay around $75 monthly for a complete license, but if they are existing Adobe customers, they can grab a special offer of $30. Both of these plans will offer 20GB of storage.

On the other hand, businesses will pay over $100 each month ($65 in the case of existing customers), and will enjoy 100GB of cloud storage, while those in the field of education are given preference with a $20/month subscription.

Adobe CC will hit the market throughout the month of June. The applications will still be installed on your computer, but with the difference that they will offer features pertaining to the cloud, such as online storage and collaborative work on one document.

It’s possible that many won’t like this new purchase method because they won’t be able to get past the restriction, among other reasons, but Adobe isn’t the only business that is shifting to a subscription model: Microsoft office is doing the same with Office 365 for $10/month.

Download Adobe CS6 (30 days trial) on Uptodown


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