Adblock Plus is the undisputed king of blocking web advertising. Till now its philosophy has involved offering add-ons to install on the most popular browsers, but from now on it’s going one step further: Adblock Browser is a fully functional web browser for Android based on Firefox that integrates all the block options by default.

The first version has been launched in open beta mode, and is based on Firefox 37, offering all the features and goodies from that browser. But as soon as you go in you’ll see how the Adblock options have been integrated into the context and setup menus. When you drop-down the upper menu you’ll see buttons to block or unblock ads while browsing, and can view the results instantly.

adblock browser 1 AdBlock Plus releases its own Android browser

In the Settings > Adblocking section you’ll find the options to set up the blocking system. As we already explained on the blog, Adblock Plus uses EasyList to hide ads, a user-maintained database sort of like a huge blacklist, to which you can add any exceptions you want and enable or disable the option to allow ‘acceptable ads’, that is, ads that are no intrusive and don’t slow down browsing. You have to keep in mind that many pages (including Uptodown) subsist on integrated advertising.

adblock browser 2 AdBlock Plus releases its own Android browser

If you want to install Adblock Browser you should do it based on the APK available to all users, which you can also download here on Uptodown.



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