One of the main problems with Windows is how complicated it is to intuitively access certain operating system configuration elements, to the point of not even being aware of the existence of many options. There is, however, a peculiar trick to enable a secret menu that gathers into a single section a large number of shortcuts to hidden places. Today we’re going to learn how to display the ‘God Mode’ folder.

The procedure is very simple, and works perfectly on any edition of Windows 7 or 8, although in prior versions like Vista or Windows Server it will only work on the 32-bit variants. To run it you just have to create a new folder (right-click New > Folder on the desktop) and give it the following name:


god mode

Then, a folder with a preset icon and the name ‘GodMode’ will automatically be generated from which you can access loads of Windows settings panels organized into different sections. In particular, and in the case of Windows 7, there are more than 200 shortcuts grouped into 43 categories. A look at the list will make you discover more than one feature that you didn’t know about.

That said, you can’t really discover something that’s already been invented, and every one of the options you find there can be accessed normally via its own route. In fact, there are some third-party tools that also offer an access system more comfortable than the one put together by Windows—check out software like Glary Utilities or the good old CCleaner. And to search for truly hidden options there are things like Ultimate Windows Tweaker.


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