The enormous amount of apps and games included in the Android catalog, make it almost impossible for anyone to stray away from their smartphone for longer than 10 minutes. That’s why Action Launcher developed an interesting app that lets you control the time that you invest in each of the apps in your smartphone. ActionDash helps you keep a detailed record of the total number of hours that you’ve spent in each app. Fighting against an addiction to certain video games or social networks can be difficult for a lot of users. However, this type of app can help solve the issue with a lot more ease. 


ActionDash divides the information in a visual way 

The interface was designed to help you quickly figure out the apps that take most of your time. The main window includes a circle graph that divides the time you spend in each app by color. Each segment includes the number of hours you’ve spent on each app. It should be noted that the app can provide you with daily or weekly information. 

actiondash-androidAnother really interesting feature is that you can check out the overall length of the sessions. In other words, you’ll know the average amount of time you spend checking out any specific type of content. If you have a plus account, you can set a limit on certain apps using the main window.  This time limit can help you get rid of that annoying addiction to certain apps and games.

A notification and unlocking counter

ActionDash doesn’t just focus on apps and games. The app also counts the number of times you’ve unlocked your smartphone. You can check out this information by tapping on the last window, located on the top blue menu. Here’s where you’ll find the average amount of time that you kept your screen on every time you used it.

actiondash-android-appActionDash also keeps a headcount on the number of notifications that you received in each app. This feature helps you easily view the days of the week that require your attention a lot more. This section, which includes a bar graph, can even be divided into different times of the day so can clearly see when you receive more notifications.


Learn how to manage your time

Without a doubt, ActionDash is one of those apps that can help you manage your time more efficiently. It’s easy to invest too much time looking at your smartphone’s screen. However, with the clear visuals that this app offers, it’ll be a little bit easier to figure out if you’re developing an addiction to your Android smartphone. In fact, the quality of this app earned it a spot on January’s top 10 apps. 

ActionDash for Android available in Uptodown | Download


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