Within the Android app catalog, there are tons of apps for meeting people from all over the world. However, from time to time, we come across apps that aim to help you converse with people in a unique and dynamic way. This is exactly what Ablo is: a unique tool that lets you virtually travel to all different countries while chatting with their citizens. Plus, it takes you to all different countries randomly, so you’ll always be surprised by your new destination. Google Play took this all into account when it recognized Ablo as the Best App of 2019.


A question to break the ice

Once you’ve filled in your basic information, you’ll be ready to start traveling. If you tap on the tab with the globe on it, your journey around the world will begin. In just a few seconds, you’ll be matched up with another member of the community to start exchanging messages.


One of the hardest parts about talking to someone new for the first time is striking up a conversation. To help more introverted users, Ablo provides you with a question that you have to answer in order to break the ice. Without a doubt, this makes starting the conversation a much more relaxed experience. Another interesting feature is that it tells you the time and weather of the other country. Talking about the weather isn’t only for awkward silences in elevators.

Ablo breaks down language barriers

Another interesting aspect of Ablo is that the tool instantly translates each message you write. This way, if you choose to communicate via text, you won’t have any problem understanding each of the replies you get from your new friend. That said, you can also make video calls. In that case, you’ll have to rely on your foreign language skills to communicate as best you can. In any case, you can always depend on the universality of the gifs and emojis the app offers. The more time you spend talking, the more points you’ll get after each connection.


Fun facts about your destinations

With Ablo, you won’t only meet tons of people from different corners of the globe. The app also gives you some culture as it shows you interesting facts while you make your virtual voyage. Each one of these short blurbs is related to the countries you’re going to visit. In fact, the information can also serve as conversation starters with the person you end up talking to.


To sum it up, Ablo is a really interesting app if you want to meet people from different cultures and countries. Since it randomly takes you all over the world, the experience is packed with surprises and users to visit through your Android device. Traveling hundreds of miles without ever leaving your home is now a possibility thanks to Ablo.

Ablo [APK] | Download


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