The Internet has some strange trends. Something can be relatively hidden deep in its core until someone discovers it, makes it popular again, and then it goes viral. It goes through some memes, YouTube videos, and even some websites like this one. Lemmetweetthatforyou is a service that allows you to create fake tweets, and can be a bit dangerous. The tweet in the picture below, for example: Is it real, or fake?

lemmetweetthatforyou capture

As you probably guessed, it’s totally fake, but it does the trick. The service was created by the marketing agency OkFocus, and has been around for over a year, but in recent weeks has started making a strong comeback, and is becoming a small-scale problem. The website allows you to customize a tweet template with the retweets, favorites, time, and, of course, the name of whatever user you want to include. You can even upload the user’s profile image without having to enter a password or other information, and then later generate a JPG like the one you see above.

Why is it a problem? Identity theft is serious, and it’s far too easy to pretend to be someone else on the Internet. In the world of journalism, where the negative impact of this tool has been most noted, not knowing if a source has actually said a certain thing or not is very serious, especially for those who don’t confirm sources because they see something on social networks.

Regardless, this website, used with a little sense, could be used to drive an unsuspecting friend crazy, or to pull the occasional prank, even if your intention is to emphasize the fact that nothing on the Internet is as secure or true as it may seem.

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