Giving you the best service is our only goal in mind when we work. We try to offer the fastest, easiest and safest service. We want you to meet us and choose us to get your applications. These are our five reasons to use Uptodown.

We are faster. Our website loads up to 6 times faster than our competitors. Check it: Pingdom
aresuptodown 5 reasons to use Uptodown

No distractions, a direct service, a simpler experience. We know Uptodown is a tool, we must make things easier for you and that’s the reason why we design our website attending to usability and accessibility terms.

download process 5 reasons to use Uptodown

– Safety first. Your safety is essential for us. Not only do we test all software but we also scan all files using more than 40 antivirus programs and offer you a transparent report about what you are going to download.

Quality is better than quantity. We offer you a huge catalogue, but if any application doesn’t meet our minimum requirements it won’t be published on the site. By this way you know that in Uptodown you’ll find only valuable and useful applications. If an application is featured in Uptodown, it is because we think it’s useful for users.

Less advertising, more content. The information that really matters: professional reviews, users’ opinions, questions and answers, previous versions, seven platforms and seven languages.

Help us spread the word and promote the idea. Join us in Facebook or Google Plus, follow us in Twitter and take part of the community by downloading, discovering and sharing software with us.


  1. i really love you guys, i mean i have been using your site for over 5 years now, i found about uptodown on Reddit back in the days, i got one more favorite used it for a while for news but uptodown remain my favorite :D


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