p2pppal 5 great programs to share filesP2P is a networking technology that normally uses a decentralized communication model. What is meant by this is that there isn’t any central server involved and all computers in the network act as both server and client. An example of a pure decentralized P2P network is the BitTorrent protocol where files are shared between all peers independent of any central server. There, wecan find a wide variety of files, such as, audio, video, data, etc.

Due to the vastness of the p2p landscape, searching for the most efficient file sharing app as dictated by your needs and preferences can prove tiresome – that’s why we thought we should make this task easier for you by listing five of the best peer-to-peer programs currently in use. This is one of the very best lists of its kind where you can find incredibly useful and life saver data synchronization applications that you would love to bookmark for future use. I hope everyone of you will like this list; you can try these whether you are an office worker, a manager, a supervisor, a student, a home user, etc.

utorrent 2 0 5 great programs to share filesµTorrent – A lightweight client for Microsoft Windows that is fast on downloads and light on resources. µTorrent,-also known as uTorrent due to that greek letter in the name- is an ultra-compatible program that works with all versions of Windows and uses less than 6mb of memory. Even though this slim lined program is small on stature compared with other P2P clients, it is feature-rich and has become one of the
most popular file sharing programs in use on the Internet.

ares 5 great programs to share filesAres Galaxy – Ares is a free open source p2p file sharing program that enables users to share any digital file. Some features that set it apart from other p2p softwares is its powerful library organizer, chat rooms, built-in audio and video player. Ares automatically finds new sources and downloads files from many users at once making it one of the fastest
p2p programs. Ares also has support for BitTorrent protocol and Shoutcast radio stations. Nowadays, we could say it is the flagship of P2P filesharing programs and our stats confirm it.

bearshare 8 1 5 great programs to share filesBearshare – This cute bear on the left lets you share files and download from everyone on the global nutella peer-to-peer information network, just like limewire. You can download the latest  mp3 music, movies and much more. What sets Bearshare apart from other P2P networks is its Instant Messaging system. You can have your own profile picture and interact with other people.

frostwire 4 20 2 5 great programs to share filesFrostWire – This application became a bit more famous when LimeWire was closed due to legal problems. FrostWire is quite simple but effective. It can help you download files and share them with other people. A good choice if you ae tired of other famous programs. iTunes integration is something we may highlight.

mp3 rocket 5 3 4 5 great programs to share filesMp3 Rocket – As its name fairly says, it is focussed on mp3 and music files. A filesharing program whose main goal is to make you enjoy music. Lots of people use this application to share their own music and make themselves known. If you are an artist, this can be a good way to promote yourself. If you are a music fan, you’ll find lots of good artists in here.

Most of the files that are exchanged on P2P file sharing networks are usually copyrighted. This doesn’t mean you should avoid using file sharing altogether, but you should be careful what you download and share using your P2P program; using P2P technology isn’t illegal but in some countries, copyright infringement is.


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