Ahhhh, 4chan: renowned since forever ago as one of the most sordid communities on the Internet. Born in 2003 as a tabloid for exchanging photos related to manga and anime, over time it developed into a network for sharing content divided into categories where supervision is minimal and the lifespan of published content is extremely brief.

Although it can be accessed via web, there is no official Android client. But this hole has been filled by Dashchan, an imageboard viewer that lets you browse both 4chan and its many clones right from your Android. Oh, and obviously most of sections are – ahem – for adults.


Although 4chan usually gets associated with all kinds of disturbing adult content, it’s also true that it’s helped ferment lots of initiatives that go far beyond that, among them the famous Anonymous, in addition to providing relatively useful information when you get past the skanky images and browse through a subcategory of interest.

To use Dashchan you need two things: on one hand the module for the network you want to use, in this case DashChan for 4chan, and then a separate app for the generic DashChan tabloids viewer. You can get both of them here on Uptodown. Be careful, though, as this should be the order of installation and not the other way around, otherwise it won’t work.


Given that no measures whatsoever are taken to moderate the published content, logically there’s nothing on Google Play to allow access to 4chan. Over the years 4chan has forged an abnormal reputation (it was the source of the uncomfortable Pedobear meme, for instance), and you can be almost certain that any of the current humor related to repetitive memes and juvenile jokes making the rounds has something to do with something cooked up on 4chan.

Official website | 4chan


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