Recently we filled you readers in on lots of new stuff rolling out bit by bit on Clash Royale. As of last Friday the fun new Clan Battles are available and let you get together with another player to fight against two other people. An exciting and rather chaotic new game mode that you’ve seriously got to try.

Clash Royale Batallas de Clanes

In Clan Battles your job is to defend your two towers and two castles while trying to topple those of your enemies, which is rather more complicated than it seems since the battlefield usually becomes a chaos of different troops, spells, other hodgepodge that never stops appearing. Hence why coordination is key if you want to win. The game shows you your companion’s deck in advance as well as which troop she’s going to lay down and where. That might not be much help, especially when you have to act fast, but it’s something.

To start playing a Clan Battle you have to tap the corresponding button and wait for a member of your clan to join the game. Or you can join any open Battle that somebody else has created. The interesting thing about these Battles is that they give you access to a new Clan Chest that you’ll complete as you win and that offers cool rewards whenever whenever you move up a tier, just like with the traditional Clan Chests.

Clash Royale Batallas de Clanes

This new game mode isn’t available all the time, though. You can only get into it when the Clan Battles Chest is activated. This time you have through March 27 to enjoy it and try to best your rivals. Remember you’ve got to be in a clan to be able to participate. (We’ve been recommending you join a clan anyway for a while now.)

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