Epic. Life at Uptodown was off the hook this past month as we watched our traffic soar, causing servers to max out due to the huge demand for downloads reaching critical heights until they blasted through the roof smashing our previous traffic records. There are more than a few different factors involved in making this major achievement happen, but the release of Pokemon GO truly stands out after accruing over 5 million APK downloads through our platform. Behind all the hype surrounding this hit, we’ve been growing in other areas as well.


Organic positioning strategies pay off in the long run. Meaning we don’t need to use any additional campaigning to get users finding apps on our catalog though search engines. Cases like Pokemon GO, where downloads rocket immediately as soon as the APK goes live, bring in whopping numbers of users that log on in real-time, in this case over 27,000 users at once.



Traffic progression in the past few months has been in steady growth until July when there was a peak in traffic by 15% with 111 million sessions compared to 96 million in June. This sudden jump broke the 100 million mark for the first time in the history of Uptodown. Thanks to which we’re now number 170 in the international Alexa ranking, topping the charts as one of the 20 most visited websites in both Mexico and Brazil.



The 2.3 petabytes that are being transferred at any given time speak highly of our team’s hard work to upkeep and manage this amount of data efficiently in order for apps to continue downloading at the highest possible speed. More so, after facing moments of major pressure when we reached 4 million daily visits a few days ago with a 6% increase from one day to the next. And this isn’t likely to lighten up anytime soon. We’ll never be able to thank you enough!


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