Microsoft is pulling out all the stops in its attempt to compete in the cloud-storage market. To that end, it’s offering 100GB of extra space for two years to all users of OneDrive who subscribe to the Bing Rewards program at no cost. Moreover, DropBox users can receive another 100GB for a year. And if you haven’t already done so, you can increase that amount even more by installing the official app on your smartphone to sync photos and invite your friends to use the tool, which will give you a total of up to 235GB.

To activate the 100GB, you just have to go to this link and authorize access for OneDrive. The Bing Rewards program is a promotion where you can get prizes such as Amazon cheques or Xbox Live points in exchange for using Microsoft products. Currently the program is only accessible in certain countries, but if you want to get around regional restrictions you can always mask your location with VPN tools like Hotspot Shield or the Hola Better Internet browser extension, which we recently did a tutorial for on the blog.

onedrive 100 gb 1 How to get an extra 235GB of space on OneDrive

If you go into the web panel on OneDrive you’ll find the option to further increase your account space. Firstly, you’ll receive an extra 15 GB if you install the Android mobile app and sync your image gallery. And you can also send invitations to use the service to your friends. For each user who activates an account based on your invitation you’ll get another 500MB up to a limit of 10 people, for another 5GB.


Moreover, if you are already a DropBox users, you will be able to receive 100GB of extra space in OneDrive for a year through this link.



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