Christmas is here – a time for spending more time with family, having fun with friends, and decorating your home with a Christmas tree or Nativity scene. In addition to decorating the family environment or space at work, many people also usually modify their computer’s appearance to match the Christmas season.

If you also want to change the appearance of your computer, but you don’t know of any good programs for doing so, here we present a list of recommended apps that will help you give that special Christmas touch to your PC.

Merry Christmas Animated

Merry Christmas Animated is an animated wallpaper that will bring all the magic of Christmas to your monitor. Although this packet includes images such as gifts, ornaments, snowflakes, and even background music, you can always add an extra snowy effect with the program DesktopSnowOK.

Another option for customizing your desktop is My 3D Christmas Tree, which offers you the chance to put a classic Christmas tree on your home screen, surrounded by a town lit up with Christmas lights.

In addition to the background, you can also modify the appearance of the icons with Merry Christmas PNG Pack, a complete image packet in PNG format that includes images of Santa Claus, a Christmas tree, and beautifully decorated presents.

Belén Virtual

Bethlehem is another very common thing during Christmas time. With Virtual Bethlehem you can put images on your computer of Joseph, the Virgin Mary, the Christ Child, and even an ox and a mule, all without having to take up space in your home or cost you a dime.

You can also have some fun with some video games dedicated especially to the Christmas season. Christmas Super Frog is an adaption of Frog in which the frog has to overcome obstacles to reach his presents. With the action game Strange and Dangerous Christmas, you can protect your house from the present thieves,. You can even help Santa Claus deliver gifts in Christmas Crisis.

Christmas Crisis

Are you looking for a way to create an original Christmas greeting? You can try the web app Elf Yourself, which turns you into one of Santa’s elves. If you’re looking for something a little more traditional, you can always create a traditional greeting with editing tools such as Greeting Card Designer.


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