We’re not here today to talk your ear off on how important Pokemon GO is in the press these days. That being said, thanks to its massive success, many developers have taken it upon themselves to jump on the bandwagon creating external apps that add extra features and functions to the game. Either by taking over for its lack of an official chat service, or by providing a radar to track rare Pokemon sightings or even a calculator that tells you how far you can level up and evolve a given Pokemon. We’ll get straight to the point, these are the top 10 most useful side apps for Pokemon that we’ve found.


GO Messenger

First on our list is this chat app that’s almost a must-have for any active trainer. Given that Niantic is noticeably unresponsive to user demands for an internal communication system, trainers have been forced to weasel their way around it by using third party chat clients of which GO Messenger is clearly at the top. It’s even so well made that it actually passes as an official add-on. Focused on users, this app allows them to participate in either a public chatroom with other nearby trainers or on a single channel for specific teams.



Another very useful app which requires community users to interact with each other in order to work properly. To all practical effects, what this app really has to offer is a global map where you’ll be able to mark places where a Pokemon sighting took place as well as specifically which Pokemon appeared. This information is particularly useful to anyone who wants be able to add as well as look up other user’s posts allowing them to be in the know if whether or not that elusive Snorlax finally showed up in the garden next to your local baseball field.


Battery Saver for Pokemon GO

A huge drawback to the worldwide phenomenon that is Pokemon GO is just how much it drains your battery because -as any trainer will tell you- it’ll leech your power source until it’s beyond dead. In a noble attempt to overcome this setback, here’s a tool that aides slightly by dimming your screen and locking the app to avoid accidentally closing it while tucked away in your pocket. A quick tap on your notifications bar gets you back to normal.


Cheats Pokemon GO

If you’re still a newbie small fry, have no fear because this guide is here to lend a helping hand. It’ll walk you step-by-step through each of the game’s features, tricks for finding Pokemon, how items work, and secrets that have become well known to early bird trainers over these past few weeks. The app is available both in English as well as in Spanish, but if you’re still not fully convinced, walk on over to this guide and read through its more in-depth info.


Evolution Calc for Pokémon GO

Walking all those miles for a Pokemon to hatch, training it up, and then finally watching as it evolves into a total dud is a massive let down. Thankfully, that’ll only happen if you hastily tend to the first Pokemon you catch, leveling up at random without taking the time to focus your efforts more wisely. That being said, no one really knows the intricate details behind this whole process. That doesn’t mean that we don’t have at least a few answers to shed some light, though. Thanks to some quick data crunching, this app is capable of more or less predicting any given Pokemon’s highest potential CP (Combat Power) when evolved before you take that step, thereby allowing you to make an informed decision on how you proceed with it.


Pokémon GO Servers

Opening up the game and logging on is a daily struggle. Persistent trainers won’t give up despite this fact, but it’s nevertheless a very frustrating recurring issue. When jammed, you won’t really know what the cause is as it could be anything from servers being down, to device issues, to temporary network failure, etc. In the hopes of at least partially calming your nerves, this app is here to let you know whether or not you should keep trying to open the game as it’ll inform if servers are down or up and running.



We’re getting into some sticky terrain. Another of Pokemon GO’s biggest issues is the fact that you need to have the app open and running in order to detect nearby Pokemon. This is also the main appeal driving users to purchase the official responsive bracelets that promise to alert you to nearby Pokemon without having to check. This app works similarly by tapping into Niantics official API, allowing users to receive a notification anytime your terminal or smartwatch is close to a Pokemon. The only setback here is that you’ll need to register with the same information that you used on Pokemon GO, and nothing’s really keeping Niantic from punishing users who take part in this cheat.


Xposed Pokemon

This app openly defies Pokemon GO’s official Terms & Conditions in a very in-your-face way by allowing trainers to manually change their location within the game as well as move them anywhere. It’s basically an Xposed module which is why you’ll need to install Xposed Framework and activate it within its settings menu. We insist, careful with this app because it’s clearly breaking more than a few rules, and time will tell whether or not it’s users end up being banned from the game. Can’t say we didn’t warn you.



This app merely illustrates what Pokemon GO really means for the whole app industry. It provides a completely irrelevant service to Pokemon GO trainers at least regarding the game itself. There’s a lot of jokes going around the internet on the game’s lure modules with the little pink hearts that rain down from “PokeStops” like magic fairy dust when activated. Just what are they really trying to lure? With that question in mind, Pokematch is here. It’s a nerdier Tinder spin-off allowing users to check out other trainers, and contact them directly if they share similar mutual interests. Designed to supply Pokemon GO trainers with an alternative network attending specifically to their needs, which could range from bagging that one last Psychic Pokemon, to anyone else.



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