Download YouTube videos and share them on WhatsApp with Videoder

WhatsApp and other IM services are the channel preferred by users to share content found on the Internet. While you can, of course, pass links directly from the place where you found them, lots of people these days prefer to send the actual file, as in the case of videos. Although TubeMate is the undisputed leader in its field, Videoder is also an excellent alternative for downloading YouTube videos to your phone, where you can select the save format and share it directly to your desired social networks.

Once the app is installed, the first thing you’ll see is a video search in the upper part when you’ll have to type in the search criteria. Once you find the video that interests you, you can click on it both to view it and select the desired output format from among the many available.


Along with the format (Webm, MP4, FLV or 3GP) you’ll see the output resolution and the file size. In addition, you can download just the audio of the video in question in MP3 format, as well as selecting the downloads folder on your device (by default in /storage/emulated/o/Videoder).

When you select the format, the download will start. You don’t need to have the app open, since you can see your progress in the notifications bar and you’ll get a warning notice when it ends. From the app itself you can view the content of the aforementioned downloads folder.


Finally, by clicking on the downloaded video within the app, a context menu will drop down from which you can play the video, delete it, and send it to whomever you want on any of the social networks installed on your Android device, whether it be WhatsApp, Facebook, your Gmail, or Instagram, among many others.