Twitter demands Uptodown remove older versions of its app

One of the best services Uptodown offers is the option to download older versions of any program, leaving it up to users to decide which one best fits their needs. Unfortunately, we can’t always offer this service. Recently, Twitter has required us to take down all older versions of its official Android app. Our users now have until this Friday to download any previous versions of Twitter if needed, as after that day, they will no longer be available.

We offer archives of old files for many reasons: it’s well known that some updates cause instability and errors in certain devices, especially if the device is a few years old. Another reason is the elimination or modification of certain features you might deem essential. Reverting the client to a previous version allows you to avoid these problems. Unfortunately, though, in the case of Twitter this will no longer be possible.


Here we highlight, for the umpteenth time, the legality and transparency of the files we offer without any fine print, with our business model clearly stated on our website. Our commitment to store all files in our own servers, with a transfer rate that in many cases exceeds that of official sources, demonstrates our goal to offer a high-quality service. The users decide; we simply provide the tools they need.

This isn’t the first time we’ve had to take down content at the explicit request of the developer, and it won’t be the last. Even so, we will continue communications with Twitter to try to bring back these files as soon as possible. In any case, as a preventative measure, it may be a good idea for users to download the older Twitter versions before Friday, when we’ll take them down until further notice.