The new “Priyanka” virus causes disarray on WhatsApp

A virus that takes advantage of a bug in WhatsApp began spreading around the popular instant messaging network yesterday, affecting many users who have discovered that all their contacts’ names have changed to “Priyanka.” Although the effects are not serious, this virus can be very annoying if it grabs you by surprise when you need to say something important. Here we explain how to avoid the “infection.”

priyanka virus whatsapp

“Priyanka” is spreading around WhatsApp as a file attached to a contact that, once it is downloaded, is added to your Android device and changes the names of your contacts so they are all the same. Some users have said that it only happens with group chats, but others have come across utter chaos. Luckily, “Priyanka” doesn’t change your phone’s address book, but your WhatsApp app will be affected in that regard.


This upsetting nuisance will only cause you to lose your time getting rid of it from your Android. But to keep this from happening, all you have to do is be sure to not download or add any contact that you receive from WhatsApp named “Priyanka.”

 If you have unfortunately already done so, follow these steps to make it disappear. Although it may seem that uninstalling and reinstalling WhatsApp would be enough, what modifies the malware is the information stored on the phone. If you don’t delete it, upon reinstalling the app, the previous data will be restored, and the problem will not disappear. To eradicate the “Priyanka” virus, you must delete it from Android:

  1. Go to your WhatsApp contacts, find “Priyanka,” and delete it.
  2. Go to “Settings” on your smartphone.
  3. Select “Manage applications,” and find WhatsApp.
  4. Click “Force Stop” and “Clear data.”
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eliminar priyanka whatsapp

You’re all set. If you follow these steps, you will completely remove this new bug. It is spreading manually, which means that even if you have been infected, you’re contacts have not, unless you yourself have sent the “Priyanka” contact in a chat.

Speaking of which, no one can still confirm if the contact’s name can be changed and the virus once again distributed with another name. Let us maintain faith in the goodwill of our contacts.

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