Uptodown has become one of the most solid alternatives available for downloading applications not just on Windows and Mac but also for Android. With a catalogue of thousands of tools and games of all sorts, we offer apps that you won’t find on other big downloads stores like Google Play, and all are available for download and periodic updates direct from our Android app.

If you access our website from any of your devices you can find a solution or alternative for practically any need you could think of, no matter the operating system. Given the number of tools and games we offer that you won’t find on Google Play, we’ve pulled out a selection of a few apps that are as popular with our users as they are interesting.


The brilliant YouTube video downloads app. It’s disappeared from Google Play owing to infections the program suffered in that app store. Uptodown is one of the three secure download alternatives suggested by the app’s own developer, and the main tool chosen by users for that purpose. Its popularity lies in its ease of use. Its interface is practically identical to YouTube’s and to download you just have to touch the green icon that you’ll see on the clip, whereupon a list of all available download formats and qualities will appear automatically.

This gives you access to any clip or song with no need for an Internet connection, and you can also share anything with your friends without needing to leave the app.

WhatsApp Plus

As it says on our page for this app, this tool gives you loads ‘more options for WhatsApp’. It works exactly the same as the popular chat app but it offers features you won’t find in the original.

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Anything you can think to customize on WhatsApp, like colors, backgrounds, notifications, status… everything can be modified with no need to turn to third-party apps. With an enormous color palette, new emoticons from Hangouts, and a huge number of sound options, WhatsApp Plus offers nothing but improvements on the original app: you won’t find any kind of error or disadvantage when it comes to using it.

Minecraft – Pocket Edition

Minecraft is probably one of the most downloaded games of the year. Its Pocket Edition has a demo version that offers an endless array of free features sure to deliver hours and hours of entertainment.

This version lets you make mega constructions like in the paid version of Minecraft. The only drawback is that you can’t save your games; that said, it’s a great way of testing out the game without having to pay for anything whatsoever.


The big thing missing from Instagram—a feature to run two profiles at the same time—has found an easy solution with this tool. It basically offers a duplicate of Instagram where you can keep one account open while being logged in with a different account on the official app.

Thus if you want to post a photo on either of the two accounts you just have to open one app or another, instead of logging out and logging back in. The features and options on Instwogram are exactly the same as on the original app.

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  1. Been using Uptodown since 2015…. absolutely love it, gr8 alternative for google play. Please keep up the good work!


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